why Vitamins & Iodine?

For a Healthy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Period

Importance of folic acid and vitamin B12

A sufficient dietary intake of folic acid and vitamin B12 during pregnancy may help to prevent major birth defects such as neural tube defects (NTD such as spina bifida, anencephaly), cleft lip and palate, urologic malformation and heart defect. It can also help reducing the risk of miscarriage and premature labour.

Importance of iodine

Iodine is a vital mineral which is needed for the formation of the thyroid hormones. These hormones control the growth and development of all organs, of the nervous system, the brain, the muscles and the skeleton. An iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, perinatal mortality and more specifically for the infants retarded growth and serious intellectual impairments.

Importance of vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps ensuring the proper course  of a normal pregnancy as well as a normal development of bones and muscle, and a normal functioning of the immune system.

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