Over what period of time should Folio®forte / Folio®forte iodine-free be taken?


When planning a pregnancy and up to the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, we recommend taking Folio®forte which contains 800µg of folic acid and 150µg of iodine. According to recent scientific insights, this leads to an assured folic acid status being built up more rapidly – which is optimum for the first trimester of pregnancy. This is also the case if a dietary supplement containing 400 µg of folic acid has been taken for a longer period of time. Folio® contains 400 µg of folic acid and 150 µg of iodine, thereby covering the daily requirement from the 13th week of pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period.

Women who are not allowed any additional iodine intake, e.g. due to thyroid disease, may use the iodine-free products Folio®forte iodine-free or Folio®iodine-free.

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